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Our Services

Whether you have natural hair or relaxed hair, we know how to handle it and we have the right hairstyle for you. Come in and discuss your hairstyle needs today. We any service including:

Hair Services

Box braids

Senegalese twist

Bob braids

Sew in

Touch up.

Kids Braids

Men’s Conrows

Take Down

Natural hair care twist



Color and Styles

Comn Twist

Make it


  • Hair cut with Blow dry

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  • Blow Dry & Curl

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  • Shampoo & Set

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  • Color & highlights

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  • Ombré Color

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  • Haircuts

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  • Blow dry

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  • Single Color

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  • Full Highlight

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  • Gloss

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  • Highlights

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  • Chemistry Treatment

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  • Keratin

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